In mid May the Seabear celebrated her shiny new rub rail and new toys with LIMIT fishing for smaller Yellowtail (5 to 10 lbs) found just below the 43 fathom spot. The trip out was bumpy and cold and an initial investigation of the cooler waters NW of the Butterfly did not produce any Tuna. Back in warmer waters just inside the 43 fathom spot Ron spotted a small Paddy that produced limits of Yellowtail before 8:30 AM. RonandJohn We spent the rest of the morning breaking barbs off hooks and practicing catch and release. In smooth following seas we were back at the slip before 2Pm. Great start to the season.

We lost the next two trips to ugly weather and finally managed our first Tuna trip of the year in the last week of june. After a smooth trip to an area between the 220 and 1010 trench the day started slowly. It was nearly 9 AM before the first tuna of the season came over the new rub rail. The rest of the morning and early afternoon brought a slow but steady stream of single jig strikes and the occasional bait fish. arno This all changed in the mid afternoon when most other boats had headed for the barn and we managed to hold a school of hungry tuna for a wide open 13 fish stop. Shortly thereafter With all the tackle still in disarray Wayne using 20 lb test on a Ductape rod with a hook and line that had already caught fish latched onto something large. Wayne An hour and a half later we viewed what was likely a good sized Bluefin at deep color before the exhausted line finally gave up.

Our first trip in July to the Airplane bank started well with a grey light 5 fish stop and went downhill from there. We spent the rest of the day investigating many empty paddies and waking up for single jig strikes every hour or so. Towards evening the wind just wouldn't quit and it was clear that the port motor starting battery was about to quit. A plugged head added to the fun. 8 hours on a sea anchor didn't appeal. So we came home. After a rough 6 hour trip we arrived at about 2AM and slept at the slip. After breakfast we left port to clean fish and deal with the plugged head. The impaction was at the common outflow of the holding tank and the overboard discharge. The HEAD FIRST team (Erv and Jim) known about the waterfront for their 'In Your Face' approach to difficult problems dealt with the now full and pressurized holding tank (think Old Faithful with a suntan). Well drained and after a change of clothes, we returned to port to refuel and finish cleaning the boat (new Aromas and all). Although this wasn't the Seabears finest hour we did better than most. Even the sport boats with ample bait couldn't seem to get the fish to the boat. 11 Albacore and 1 Yellowtail (on a jig)

Another run to an area near the 1010 trench and the start of the day was similar to the trip two weeks ago. This time ,however, there were a few more bait fish and the fish were much larger. The few we weighed were just under 40 lbs and the average was over 20.Big Fillet The bite was again an afternoon bite and for the first time this year we had fish boiling around the boat. Considering these fish were all around 25 to 30 lbs it was quite a sight. Our last stop was an 11 fish stop. Dennis and Jeff However, the wind came up enough that it made it difficult to get fish to the boat even with 30 lb test. With the ice chests full, the seas looking ugly and half the people on the boat feeling the effects of the bumpy ocean we headed for the barn around 7Pm. We again arrived in the wee hours, slept, ate breakfast, cleaned fish and refueled. This time , however, we stayed on to enjoy a late lunch of fresh Alabacore, noodle rice, salad and a (large) sampling of Award winning beer from the Firehouse Brewery. dinner

After the last two trips the coolant level in the port motor was low. After working to seal the fresh water system It became clear that the problems were much worse when coolant finally appeared in the oil on the port motor. Visions of a cracked head, block, or bad O rings brought this season to an abrupt end. The Seabear is now on the Market while we await estimates for rebuild or repower.

While the Seabear waited for buyers and new power Jim and Jackie took off on the long delayed Alaska Trip Alaska Trip

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