The Seabear is a 1971 38 foot Bertram Sportfisher. Over the past 20 years the Seabear has plyed the coastal waters off San Diego from the channel Islands to below Ensenada and up to 100nm off the coast. The Seabear has been crewed and maintained by a group of friends many of whom have fished together for nearly 40 years. Each summer we fished a dozen trips for tuna, yellowtail and dorado and and wintertime was busy with maintenance projects, bottom fishing trips and the occasional yellowtail and sandbass caught at the Coronado Islands.
     The first dozen years were clearly the Seabears most productive time. The Albacore were abundant and trips with limits of tuna were the norm. A snack of fresh sushi after cleaning fish on the way home became a habit. The Seabear introduced many young fisherman to southern california sport fishing and if you examine the yearly reports below you can see many of the crews children grow up with the Seabear. As the water warmed in the past six years the Albacore moved north and fishing off the coast of San Diego changed. Large Bluefin are now the predominant tuna during the spring and early summer and in addition to being much harder to entice to the hook they are more difficult to find. Thus an occasional trip without tuna is now the norm and Bluefin limits are virtully unheard of (only once in 6 years). Later in the summer Yellowfin, Yellowtail, and Dorado are more plentiful, and significant catches of yellowtail and yellowfin are more frequent.
      In August of 2016 the Seabear now the Wild Bill was sold to an avid fisherman from Ventura and she will continue to ply the costal waters of southern California searching for billfish, tuna and other sportfish.