The Seabear went on the market in march of 2015 and over the next 17 months we managed to get in 16 trips. It was a bit of a struggle. After each trip the crew had to get the boat shined and ready to show, and the winter of 2015 -16 was taken up with fixing stuff found on survey. The showings , surveys, and sea trials took there tole on both time and gastric mucosa. It would not have been possible to get all this done and actually get some time on the water without Bruce and Markus who devoted countless hours to keeping up with the boat projects.

      Somehow we managed to get in 9 tuna trips and half a dozen bottom runs. The fishing was simillar to last year. We searched (usually in vain) for the bigger Bluefin and one of the many schools of Yellowfin .We never found that wide open Yellowfin bite but usally managed to find a few on paddies or on spots of breaking fish. The warm water was calm and did offer up a single Shortbilled Spearfish and Wahoo. Both are rare fish in Southern California waters and a result of the warm waters.

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