Fishing within 100 miles of San Diego Bay this year was probably even worse than last year. The cold upwelling along the mexican coast again dominated the local fishing Ensenada Tongue . Indeed the only local surface action was near the tuna pens usually found below the hidden bank.There was some good late season fishing in the day and one half range but you had to be below the 30 degrees 50 minutes latitude line (over 115nm)and well south of the cold water tongue to find the fish. This was just out of our comfortable range. We initially scheduled 5 trips and cancelled 2 for lack of fish. 2011 Bear Tracks .On the three trips we managed 3 fish (1 bluefin 2 yellowtail).We had one encounter with the mexican navy. While fishing our only loaded paddy of the day and hooked up Yellowtail the mexican navy boat over ran the paddy at high speed sounding the fish and breaking off a hookup. The Make A wish (where we managed only 1 yellowtail) was won by a 17lb bluefin. This was a far cry from previous years when 40 lb tuna were common.

We were left with only bottom fishing for the summers entertainment. We made 7 trips to the finger bank, rock pile or nine mile bank. Smaller rock cod and Sand Dabs with a smattering of nicer fish were the usual catch. Nice Reds . Limits were common and the entertainment on the way home was provided by a fish cleaning production. rockfish cleaning .

Perhaps the most memorable trip of the year was a half day bay trip including lunch at Loews Resortwith Steve, Weiwei and the grandkids. Light line with Anchovies as bait brought many small sand bass aboard. Each fish was discussed and returned to the bay. discussions Xiaoyi fished with her fathers old rod. old rod Both Kids caught small Hailbut which were also returned. halibut

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