Saturday August 24: Make a Wish tournament Erv Wheeler, Arno Chrispeels, Grant Larson, Gary Nobel, Nick Casena:

Most recent Make A Wish adventures can be described with " Winds up Bites down" and this one was no exception. We clawed our way out to the stem of the mushroom and found empty paddies, sonar marks and no hungry fish. Thirty nm of trolling and dry paddies later we finally found fish just south of the 213. Over the day we somehow managed to find nearly 2 dozen empty paddies in 6 to 8 foot swells and 15 knot winds. All but 3 were dry. In the evening the winds laid down and we had a smooth trip back. We weighed in a 16lb bluefin, a dorado, and 2 yellowtail all around 10 lbs.

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