January 5,January 27,March 3 ,July 12, October 19

We made 5 bottom fishing trips this year and all were modestly productive. Although the last trip with Ken Fujioka where the mexican navy ran us off managed only one ling cod. In general the nine mile bank area was pretty slow this year, and we don't have many phoptos The march 3 trip to the finger bank was a good example. We worked all day at our usual sites on the finger bank, the SW rock pile and the nine mile and came home with about 20 smaller rockcod and we worked for every fish. With the tuna still too far away we were even local fishing in early july. We took advantage of a nice Sandbass bite SE of south Island. On this trip ( with Arno, his son myles and Gavin) we found An occasional fish in the early morning and finally with a cloud of marks on the sonar a wide open bite near at least 7 sport fishers all anchored in a row just before noon. We were home before 4 pm with limits of Sandbass (well 3 fish short) and several nice Chuckleheads and Salmon Grouper from a couple of brief stops at the nine mile on the way home.

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