We made 3 trips looking for spring Yellowtail on local paddies (6/28) or at the Islands. On june 7 many hours of drowning sardines slowly behind the Seabear at the middle grounds produced one nice 21 lb 6 oz. Yellowtail. We valiantly tried to supplement the catch at the 9 mile bank but much cranking into the wind produced only a few salmon grouper. The other trip to the islands on 3/29 was more productive but not for yellowtail. There was a nice lIng cod bite at the south kelp ridge. and on the Buzz 1 site where we finally got Buzz his Ling . The lings averaged over 4 lbs and there were a few nice reds. A bakers dozen of nice Lings, several nice 4 lb reds and a sampling of other rockfish made up for the lack of Yellowtail. In late june (6/28) we were still without close tuna and a trip to all the local spots looking for paddy yellowtail ended up SW of the rock pile which produced some quality rockfish.

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