Friday July 11 Gary Nobel, Grant Larson, Tom Neuman, Erv Wheeler,Mike Fox This was our only trip south for the year, and our first trip. We were inside and below the hidden bank area searching for the last remaining 70 degree water for Yellowfin and Yellowtail. We found a gaggle of Tuna pens scattered throughout the area and an ugly cross chop and 20 knot winds. Nobody felt very well and it was a struggle to find and fight fish. The tuna were all troll caught (only one on bait) and perhaps it was the first trip but we lost a lot of fish to tangles and poor rod work around the boat. We finished with 8 yellowfin and all the small yellowtail(most were returned to the wild with a sore mouth) we wanted. A hot STB motor which we had to feather and come home on 1 motor finished off a tough day.

Gary Nobel works on the days only bait fish. You can see a nearby tuna pen and the usual gaggle of other boats

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