Friday July 25 Arno Chrispeels, Tom Neuman, Jeff Lannon, Erv Wheeler, Mike Fox This trip got off to an inauspicious start when we found the Point Loma channel very rough and turned back to wait for daylight. Three hours after our failed attempt the tide had changed and the channel was relatively calm. We spent most of the morning motoring at cruise speeds looking for Paddies. Our first paddies were within 10nm of the Mission Bay entrance for a paddy loaded with Yellowtail. Our next stops were near the 181 spot where we picked up Yellowtail and Bluefin. We spent most of the afternoon working between the 181 and the 209 spots where we encountered 2 huge paddies and plunked away at yellowtail and Bluefin. It was at these huge paddies that Arno jumped ship with his spear gun and returned with a 20 lb Yellowtail. Interestingly the Paddy was loaded with Yellowtail, Dorado and Bluefin which were ignoring our tasty Sardines. Trolling we checked out the 43 and 182 spots on the way home but found only marks and the occasional sportfisher. Four Bluefin and 27 Yellowtail to 20 lbs.

Tom Neuman works a Yellowtail

Mike Fox coaxes another Yellowtail into the boat

Arno prepares to hunt Yellowtail near two huge paddies

ARNO approaches the boat with his catch

Arno’s spear caught fish was the days biggest Yellowtail

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