Friday September 5 Tom Neuman, Erv Wheeler, Bruce Ito,bob Buzzard, jerry Velasquez This was probably our best Tuna trip of the year. Another trip to the yellowfin area west of San Diego. Before the day was over we were about 12nm southeast of Catalina. We caught most of our smaller yellowfin just west of the 209 spot. The majority of these fish were bait fish found near a paddy. We searched up as far as the 277 looking for larger fish. We found a few and finished the day with 15 Yellowfin to 25 lbs and one smaller yellowtail

When we found them multiple hookups were the order of the day here Bruce and Jerry work Yellowfin

Buzz brings in another yellowfin

seems like Bruce is all ways hooked up

Jerry Velasquez coaxes a yellowfin to the boat

Fishing is such hard work

This area is right in the shipping lanes and the local hazards move right along

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