Grant , Bruce, Bob , Nick , Markus We left for the San Salvador knoll with visions of high yellowfin counts and what looked like some really nice Sardine bait. The day started with a troll hooked Billfish that bounced off a Marader and ate a large feather. Bruce and Markus fought a Shortbilled Spearfish for 45 min. and released a healthy but wornout fish.The rest of the day was pretty frustrating as we watched Cattle boats board small ( maybe 15 in) Yellowfin which ignored our Sardines and wanted anchovies. We came back to the 9 mile and and in one and a half hours managed a nice load of bottom fish including a nice ling and several Reds.

Bruce quickly figured out that Markus really should play this spearfish

Markus did the bulk of the work getting this fish up to the Seabear

Jumps were frequent and quite a sight

A tired but healthy Shortbilled Spearfish a rarity in these waters. This picture is from Markus's GOPRO

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