Grant , Bruce , Arno , Bob, Andy Our first trip south did not start out well. The bait barge only had 2 inch anchovies and only a scoop and a half at that. We spent a couple of hours at the bait barge picking up a dozen larger mackerel. By noon most of the anchovies had died. We fished a large area inside and south of the hidden bank. Paddies were rare and often empty. We managed to find one holding The Seabears first Wahoo which Arno caught on a jig. We finished with lots of skipjack ( on bait, jigs and troll) and a half dozen Dorado all at 2 or 3 widely spaced paddies.

Arno's nice Wahoo something rarely seen in San Diego waters

most of the day was spent fending off Skipjack

Grant plays another skipjack

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